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Green Vendors

We're proud to do business with companies who share our environmental outlook. These companies are innovators dedicated to providing the best quality products in a sustainable manner.


Mostly known for its revolutionary innovations in PFD design, Astral has also led the charge to make their PFDs more sustainable. Astral was one of the first manufacturers to go PVC-free, filling their PFDs instead with 100% Polyethylene Foam (PE). PE foam is far superior to PVC in that it can easily be recycled by the same processes that recycle your everyday plastic drinking bottles. Also, you only need half the amount of PE foam to achieve the same buoyancy as 1 unit of PVC. Astral regularly dispatches a semi-truck to haul away all its scrap PE foam to the recycling center. In 2007, Astral began filling panels on some of its PFD with Kapok, a fibrous material that surrounds seeds in a tropical tree known as Ceiba Pentandra. These fibers are naturally buoyant and water resistant, and since they can be stuffed into the jackets, there is no waste as there is with cut PVC or PE foam. Plus, the only waste comes from transportation emmissions since there is no manufacturing involved.


Werner launched its Healthy Waters program in 2008 as a way to make it easier for its customers to give back to the environment. Everytime someone purchases a Werner paddle, Werner will make a donation to the environment. The best part is, the customer can choose where the money goes! Here how it works: If you recently purchased a Werner paddle, go to and register your new paddle with the company. The last step in the registration process is to choose from a list of environmental non-profits. Once you submit your registration, Werner sends in the donation.


Liquid Logic has taken the initiative to try to get people recycling their old kayaks. Kayak plastic is a petroleum-based product and petroleum is a finite resource on this planet. Liquid Logic wants you to know that you can actually recycle your kayak at your local recycler if it's a linear type of plastic. The folks at the recyling center will ask you what it's made of. Most recreational kayaks and parts are made out of linear or LDPE (low density polyethylene). Most whitewater kayaks are made of super linear or HDPE (high density polyethylene). Any of these are fine. The only type you can't recycle are boats made of crosslink polyethylene. Ask your kayak manufacturer what kind of plastic is in your boat before you try to recycle it.


In addition to manufacturing a bevvy of environmentally-friendlier garments (Enviroskin products, Thin Skin products, Basec T?s, Arbolito pants/shorts and See Change jacket), IR set up a biodiesel production plant inside their factory in Pennsylvania in 2004. The idea for it came from Astral Buoyancy's president, Philip Curry. IR employees run their cars on the homemade fuel and heat their homes with it in the winter. In order to prepare for the long drive to Salt Lake City for the annual Outdoor Retail trade show, John Weld and Jess Whittemore collected about 200 gallons of waste vegetable oil from area restaurants and made enough biodiesel to supply 50% of the fuel the team would need to get there and back (stored in drums in the back of the truck). IR also uses a private recycling company who picks up and recycles almost all their waste for free, including shrink wrap.


All Vibram FiveFingers shoes are 100% vegan.

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