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If you have completed our Beginner Whitewater Package or equivalent and would like to develop your river reading and river running, rescue, attaining, and leadership skills, or just want to surf and play in the local waves like the pros, these programs offer high-caliber instruction in Class II-III whitewater!

Attaining & River Running Package

Trying to break through to the next level of downriver whitewater kayaking? This package of four lessons will help you transition into a higher performance kayaker, plus teach you practical whitewater safety and rescue skills. Attainment workouts and trip leading will work out your muscles and your brain, and build your confidence!
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Surfing & Playboating Package

Want to be a great playboater? This package of three lessons will help you transition from a river runner into a playboater, teaching you how to surf and play in the MD, VA, and Center Chute Waves, plus add some new rolls to your toolbox. Our patient instructors use a methodical teaching progression to help you build confidence and learn new moves faster. Playboating skills lend themselves to other paddling disciplines as well - if you want to advance fast, playboat!
$325 | Details...

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Potomac Paddlesports is an award-winning, charter ACA Pro School

Potomac Paddlesports is proud to be an award-winning, charter ACA Pro School.

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DC paddles and drinks the Potomac. Support the Potomac Riverkeeper!

Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics

Potomac Paddlesports teaches and practices Leave No Trace ethics in all our programs.

Be Prepared!

Below are some products that we frequently recommend to our intermediate whitewater students. Have a look, and if there's anything else you need to make sure you're ready for your sessions on the water, we've got a ton of gear over in our online store! Check it out!

Noze Bling


New Dagger Playboats, Jackson Kayaks, Wavesport Kayaks, and Liquid Logic Kayaks or Playboats require intermediate kayaking skill tips that you can learn from a qualified American Canoe Association Kayak Instructor. If you want to learn how to loop a kayak, you have to learn how to bow stall a kayak first. If you want to learn how to spin a kayak on a wave, you have to make sure you have good sweep strokes that use your torso muscles. These kayak playboating tips take a long time to master and kayak rolling and playboating videos or DVDs can't give you the feedback a really good instructor can. The Potomac River near Washington DC has really great whitewater rapids for park and play. In fact there is always a river feature available to learn on thanks to the volume of water in the Potomac River Gorge. A sweet level for playboating at the Virginia Chute and Maryland Chute on the Potomac is 3.7 on the Little Falls Gauge. 5.7 is sweet too for Center Chute. DC is a paradise for park and play whitewater playboaters. Welcome! You'll make lots of new friends!