about potomac paddlesports
Sunny Pitcher

Welcome to the Potomac Paddlesports community! Operating in Potomac, Maryland (15 miles from Washington D.C.), we are the Potomac's premier kayak school for beginners.  

Potomac Paddlesports was founded in 1999 by our President and head instructor Sunny Pitcher BIO after opening the Potomac Outdoors retail store in Cabin John, Maryland. The company has stayed true to it's original mission: "To consistently provide our clients with the foundation of skills and level of knowledge that produces life-long kayaking enthusiasts." and our core values: "Teach respect for the power of the river, environmental responsibility, and participation in community partnerships that sustain our natural resources."

Over the years, Potomac Paddlesports has grown to become the region's #1 kayak school. If you go out on the Potomac today, a high percentage of the paddlers you will meet started paddling with us.  

We offer a less intimidating learning progression for new paddlers and a unique approach toward scheduling that allows you to learn at your own pace. Potomac Paddlesports was the first professional kayak school to have it's entire program fully sanctioned by the American Canoe Association. Our programs are uniquely tailored for beginners with an emphasis on safety, skill, and community. Our community makes up a large part of the DC paddling scene.  

We commend your decision to invest in a quality learning experience and invite you to discover a few of the elements that help our students become lifelong paddlesports enthusiasts:


The reputation we have earned as professional instructors comes from three things: patience, methodical flat-water teaching processes, and the absolute total commitement to getting you hooked on kayaking from day one.

Our strategy is to provide you with all the resources required to fulfill your goals and have a great time in a kayak.

Whether you choose our whitewater, flat water, or sea kayaking programs, our deliberately small classes, expert instructors, and equipment expertise make all the difference. We really slow things down so that beginners can learn the often complex and counter-intuitive skills involved in kayaking.

Teaching Skills

Our top-notch team of American Canoe Association/ BCU certified instructors are not just accomplished paddlers, they're excellent teachers.

The continuity found among this group of professionals is a key component in our program.

This dynamic group of people will engage you as coaches and mentors cheering you on throughout your learning progression


Our program is built to meet the demands of your schedule.

Courses are offered continually and allow you the flexibility to participate at your convenience. 

You can break away from the program for any length of time, without concern for expiration, and pick up where you left off as your schedule permits.

Equipment Expertise

Potomac Paddlesports exists to provide guidance and hands-on expertise in the selection of your own personal equipment.

The equipment used in our program is always state-of-the-art and available to our students for their personal practice time at no charge. 

Environmental Activism

We are paddlers and conservation activists alike, believing in the protection and preservation of our planet's most precious resource: water.

The experiences offered through our program serve the greater purpose of encouraging active participation in the process of restoring and protecting the quality of our rivers, estuaries, and oceans.

Your commitment to our program helps make a difference. To date, Potomac Paddlesports has contributed over 3% of its gross sales revenue to conservation issues.


We are building a new community of paddlers; individuals from all walks of life who come together to share the great experience that paddling has to offer.

With an investment in quality instruction, practice, and a little patience, paddling can change your life. 

We invite you to tour our web site and encourage your to contact us for a personal discussion regarding your kayaking goals.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you'll come paddle with us soon!